In 2012 we were proud to introduce a new structured Umpire Development program at Woopi Netball, generously supported by the Woolgoolga Lions Club. We are thrilled to announce that Woolgoolga Lions is keen to continue their support in 2015. We will be tweaking the program this year.. and are now calling for new recruits. Players and parents are encouraged to participate. Remember, without umpires, we have no game!

Trainee Umpire

Purchase and study the Official Rule Book and U for Umpiring Exam guide

Do the Online Umpire exam via (ask us for your NNSW registration no.)
Achieve a pass mark of 70% (present certificate as proof.)

You will also need your own whistle

Attend an Introductory workshop with our Umpires Convenor.


Display competency umpiring Junior comp games.

Show ability to see and call general rules/minor infringements- Held ball, replay, untouched, breaking, stepping, offside

Demonstrate good court coverage.Usually 12 yrs min.


Display competency umpiring Junior/Senior division games

Show ability to see and call major infringements – contact, obstruction.

Use advantage rules and penalties.

Usually 13-14 yrs min.


Ready for National C Badge, but on P Plates.

Display competency umpiring Senior division games.

Held usually for up to a year while being coached and prepared.

Must have completed Level One umpiring Course.


Achieve a pass as judged by a formal panel constituting two C, and one B badged umpires.

For further information on umpire pathways refer to

LEVEL ONE COURSE: We encourage attendance at a Level One course as early as possible during your training. Details of upcoming courses TBA.

Umpires on their 'L-plates' will be required to wear an official Umpire-in-Training bib.

Once reaching District badge level, umpires will be presented with an official white Woopi Netball/Woolgoolga Lions Umpire shirt.

If you would like Woopi Netball to send notification to your school as official recognition of your community service, please notify us.