Core Values of Our Services

  • Fast recruit talents

    Quickly open up new markets

  • Optimize employment compliance

    Reduce employment risks

  • Reduce turnover

    Improve business sustainability

  • Integrate social talent resources

    Built up talent pool

Five main service sections

  • Fast Large-Scale Recruitment

    Recruitment Projects Operations
    High-quality Project Maintenance
    100% Headcount Delivery

  • HRO ervices

    Electronic Entry-Exit and Contract Management
    Online Attendance and Vacation Management
    Online Payroll and Social Insurance Management
    Self-service Employee Inquires and Consultations

  • Specialized Services

    Skill Training
    Turnover Control
    Performance Improvement

  • Risk Management

    Reduction of Labor Costs
    Improvement of Employment Compliance

  • Added-Value Services

    Regular Professional Analysis Reports
    Professionalism Training

Advantages of Our Services

  • Excellent recruitment capabilities

    Renrui’s unique self-developed O2O recruitment platform enables the company to quickly satisfy The market needs of large-scale recruitment and rapid team expansion.
    Renrui is able to deliver 100 general hires within 2 weeks.

  • National Linkage and Cross-region Talent Transfer

    Renrui opened five regional centers in North China, East China, Central China, South China and West China
    Currently the company operates 31 branch offices across China and provides one-stop HR services to clients in over 150 cities, enabling a strong national linkage and cross-region talent transfer.

  • Operation Risk Management

    Renrui has set up multi-dimensional risk control and prevention mechanisms as well as specialized employment risks and labor dispute handling capabilities;
    The company has realized real-time management of nearly 30,000 contract employees, created a pool of shared talents and enabled flexible deployment of talents based on customers' employment peaks and valleys

  • Service specialization + systemization

    Comprehensive and in-depth services, Customized project optimization plan

  • Intelligent systematic services

    Powerful HR ecosystem comprising five main technology platforms enables systematic data management, process management and all-round personnel service management.

Senior Talent Management Services Workflow

Provide effective business management consultancy for corporate clients
Satisfy senior talent needs
of enterprises
  • Light Consulting
    Tian Fang Ye Tan APP
  • Senior Talent Management
  • Light Consulting
    Senior Talent Management
Help clients hire and manage talents for the purpose of solving practical problems.

Light consulting. Effects oriented Hundreds of senior expert resources covering 17 industries and 21 professional dimensions

Quick recommendation of the right expert
Diagnose and solve core issues of management
More efficient extension of contacts and integration of social resources
Flexible and convenient, unlimited by time and space
Low cost and excellent performance

Senior Talent Management Services Workflow

  • Analysis

    Assist customers in grasping industry trends, pinpointing positioning and clarifying talent needs Identify the top five requirements for evaluating candidates.

  • Identification

    Collect potential candidates, Evaluate job attraction and potential hit rate with customers

  • Communication

    Contact target candidate--Feedback to customers--Make adjustment Preliminary assessments of candidate's key abilities

  • Evaluation

    Consultant interview and evaluation--Form candidate reports

  • Facilitation

    Help customers benchmark the candidate list--Provide guidance until the final decision Establish mutual trust with candidates and negotiate on behalf of customers

  • On-boarding

    Assist the candidate to complete the entry process

  • Maintenance

    Continuous two-way communication during the warranty period Managing candidate expectations and help them integrate into the new company culture

Recruitment platform data

  • 150,0000+

    Recruitment platform data

  • 2000+

    Daily interviewers

  • 60,0000+

    Wechat Applet users

  • 6,0000+

    Employees in 2018

  • 2,0000+

    Daily active users of Xiang recruitment App

  • 40,0000+

    Candidates maintained in online job communities

Recruitment service values

  • Fast Delivery

    Big data + Multi-channel
    Response within 24 hours and project
    launching within 3 days

  • Precise Matching

    Smart matching + Manual screening
    Deep understanding of customers' needs and accurate
    coverage of target groups

  • Batch Delivery

    High volume + Multi-region delivery
    National linkage and professional teams

Recruitment service contents

  • Part-time job recruitment
  • Entry-level job recruitment
  • Middle-senior and senior talents recruitment
  • Membership service
  • On-boarding management service
  • Application to interview conversion service
  • On-site recruitment service
  • Offer negotiation service

Recruitment Service SystemStrengthens management of projects by adopting PDCA management system

  • 1

    Project evaluation

    perform demand analysis, refinement of job outline, and potential problem areas, and clarify candidate profile

  • 2

    Plan development

    develop recruitment delivery plan, and define various resource channel objectives

  • 3


    produce optimized job listing and perform multi-channel promotion of listing

  • 4

    Interview state

    issue interview invitations, organize on-site presentations, personnel screenings, send out offers, and conduct on-boarding follow-up work

  • 5

    Stage summary

    analyze project achievement rate, channel effectiveness, and conduct optimization and improvement measures

Service Values

  • Cost advantage

    No Difference in Cost Across Suppliers Fully integrated vertical supply chain

  • Strong recruitment ability

    Rich local talent resources, very competitive

  • Business adaptability

    Adapt to the need for rapid changes in peaks and valleys

  • Large site capacity

    Strong site expansion capacity, can start anytime

BPO Services Content

  • Performance Management

    Provide professional performance evaluation system design and rational control of costs while meeting optimal indicators

  • Operations Management

    The framework of six major projects ensures the service quality and provides daily/weekly/monthly professional reports.

  • Team Set-up from

    Renrui’s core competitiveness lies in quickly setting up new teams from.

  • Training Management

    Renrui provides highly qualified training instructors with both professional and educational skills; Business training requires customer accreditation and supervision throughout the whole process.

  • Information Security

    Safeguarding information security from three aspects: personnel, system and environment

  • Scheduling Management

    Help employees complete the workload on time through a reasonable scheduling system

Service Scenarios

  • Label & tag categories

    News media app

    Preference recommendations, Headline logic

  • Content classification and review

    Heavy workload of content

    Community platforms

    User generated content

  • Customer service categories

    Non-specialist positions

    Large demand

    High turnover rate

    Business with obvious peaks
    and valleys

  • Telemarketing

    Based on local, radiating nationwide

    Covering finance and internet industries

Service Features

  • Systematic

    Employee growth,Management development,Team building
    3 main course systems

  • Practical

    Convergence experience, lectures, sandboxing, drills,
    Diverse teaching methods

  • Multi-purpose

    The content of the courses covers both mental health and
    career growth of the employees.

  • Accurate Customization

    SITC (Researching + Developing +Training+Coaching)
    Design customized implementation process

  • Effects-oriented

    Conduct Onsite & Online standardized customer service quality
    evaluation to track feedbacks of clients

Service content

  • Corporate training

    Frontline employee Career growth system
    Middle-level management skills upgrading system
    Middle and high level leadership development system
    Human resource management system
    Enterprise customized training solutions

  • XiangPin School

    Renrui Quality Courses
    Theme salon
    Industry sharing

  • Talent Assessment

    Occupational competency modeling
    Psychological assessments
    Talent identification & selection
    psychological counseling
    Enterprise EAP

Training Service System

  • Project Manager & Course Consultant

    Provide targeted solutions

  • Courses in the form of consultancy

    Practical expert lecturer team

  • Full-time lecturers

    Guaranteed continuous project execution

  • Training results implementation

    Online tutoring + on-site salon

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