Woolgoolga District Netball Association

Welcome to the Official Site of Woolgoolga District Netball Association (Woopi Netball)
The Lions Club Woopi Netball aim is to provide the fabulous sport of Netball in a fun and family friendly environment. We take great pride in ensuring this.
We cater for those just wishing to play our game for fun with our local competitions and also for those who wish to take their netball to a higher level with our successful Rep Program.

Mixed Hi-Score Twilight Competition Tuesday 17 November

6.15pm "Firebirds"

Witchetty Grubs v Freestylers, The Opposition v Fun Bags, Ball Huggers v Viscious & Delicious

7.15pm "Swifts"

Magpies v Lemons, Mixed Nuts v Randoms, Green Machine v Hot Shots

8.15pm "Firebirds"

Witchetty Grubs v Fun Bags, Vicious & Delicious v Freestylers, The Opposition v Ball Huggers


Swifts- Randoms 12, Green Machine 10, Hot Shots 8, Mixed Nuts 8, Lemons 4, Magpies 4.

Firebirds- Freestylers 9, Funbags 7, Witchetty Grubs 6, The Opposition 5, Vicious & Delicious 5, Ball Huggers 3



2016 Rep Squad Trainings!!

We hope all of our Rep nominees have had a great break but the time has arrived for us to start our 2016 State Championship preparations.
Rep Squad training for our U12 to U17 players will now commence next TUESDAY 6TH OCTOBER at our courts from 4.45pm till 6.15pm.
For our Opens your campaign begins with training the following MONDAY 12TH OCTOBER at 6.30pm.
We know you are all super keen to get back into and we look forward to seeing you all again!